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May 2007 to create the Taicang Xu Yun Special Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., to today has gone through six years of development.

After six years of exploration, Tuo Li, accumulation, today's "Asahi special fiber", flat-plate has developed into more than 200 acres of production and research and development base to Kevlar, polyamide, carbon fiber, pre-oxygen silk, acrylic short Shredding, and other leading products, research and development, manufacturing, sales in a high-tech industrial enterprises, China's coated wire industry technology leader and explorer.

Six years, "Xu-yun special fiber" invested heavily, the introduction of several well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers of spinning, Jia Tan equipment, as of now, already have too many production lines. Up to now, "Asahi Yun special fiber" already has a number of patents

In the core technology to enhance and create, "Xu-yun special fiber" in the industry took the lead in the nylon one-step production of composite wire technology, synchronous belt and has applied for national patent blankets. This technology has led to the development of air-coated wire industry, seamless conveyor belt for the formation of industry, academia, research, production, supply, marketing and supporting industries support each other laid a solid foundation for the industry, "China's silk industry as an important base for R & D cluster.


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